LCHS Pet of the Week: Amelia

Amelia, the most beautiful and fun loving lady in the world, is our new pet of the week! Amelia has so much energy. She LOVES to run and play! She's a sporty gal that isn't too picky about what she's playing - she'll fetch a tennis ball or run around the play yard with a soccer ball in her mouth all the same. She's so fun to be around and cheers you up on the spot with her playful attitude! She might bark and growl a bit while playing, but that's pretty normal. She's just communicating that she's having fun! She's usually pretty good with other dogs, but her energy level might be a turn off for calmer or older dogs. Sometimes, she'll get a little picky with who she hangs out with - she likes to pick one BFF and can get a little jealous for them! Amelia is a really wonderful pup who would love to spend the rest of her life hiking, running, and playing with you. She's been at LCHS since she was surrendered back in October - no fault of her own; her owners were moving. In fact, they had nothing but good things to say about her! Amelia is about a year and three months old, spayed, micro chipped, and up to date on her vaccines. She'd love to meet you sometime this week!


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