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#WORK: Job changing 'work-from-home' policy? Here's what to do! (Video)

What To Do When Your Employer Changes Its Remote Working Policy 🏠💼

Why is this important to you? These changes may seem very familiar to you, especially given the economics, job responsibilities, etc.

Here's what to do if faced with this at your workplace:

🎤 John Stankey, AT&T CEO via CNN: "If employees want to be part of building a great culture, they'll come along on these changes. Others may decide to move in a different direction."

🗣️ Caitlin Duffy, Gartner Consulting via CNN: "Taking flexibility away can damage trust and morale if done for reasons that don’t make sense for employees or the business."

Tips for Navigating Changes:

1️⃣ Take a Beat 🧘‍♀️

  • Pause before making decisions based on emotion.

2️⃣ Get Clear on What’s Important 🧠💡

  • Use your business and emotional intelligence to assess your priorities.
  • Octavia Gordema, Career Coach via CNN.

3️⃣ Speak with Management 🗣️

  • Present a strong case focused on your efficiency and productivity. Keep it work-focused.
  • Octavia Gordema, Career Coach via CNN.

4️⃣ Keep it Positive 🌟

  • Be a problem solver and maintain a positive conversation.
  • Octavia Gordema, Career Coach via CNN.

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